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Are you looking for original or special Wheels of Fortune with a twist?

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We manufacture and design, all in accordance with their wishes, or simple observations of individual happiness wheels, which are always developed in a personal and telephone consultation with you.

We want to get the best looking and best of fortune - Score so that all parties are completely satisfied. To this end we will realize our full know-how and use our full creativity that has accumulated through years of experience in diverse areas. Only in this example, this could occur on this site is shown unique fortune results.

For the optimization of their good fortune wheel, the stylistic device, consisting of integrated out of their logos and lettering, with the wheel in and to the fixture.

The frame on which hangs the wheel, also serves as a decorative backdrop to her fortune.

To make the wheel even more attractive for the audience, may be replaced by LEDs in the wheel of fortune, be upgraded to the frame with a digital or other decorations.

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We will design your special fortune taking into account the corporate design!
















Modern events without luck wheels are very rare in our time. Wheels of Fortune with a twist developed models for discerning customers, taking account of the logo and lettering of the company. For this purpose, the holding of the fortune wheel with frame included in the design and give the model a uniform look. Through this skillful composition of adults and children alike feel attracted and excited to turn the Wheels of Fortune.
























 Petersitzke   Königskamp1    26789 Leer     0491 979 1570




Glücksräder der Extra - Klasse !

Spring is coming and at the same time companies begin their events and trade shows to plan ahead to autumn. Every year, the same question: What action can I attract new customers and establish a direct contact? For this goal to offer wheels of fortune, for they are among the most popular action toys. They can set up informal contacts or intensify existing ones. The customer takes the wheel of fortune by a powerful momentum for rotating and comes with the stand supervisor of the company in conversation. As soon as the wheel of fortune comes to a stop or after, there is a further possibility for communication. For now, the player receives a consolation prize or a prize. Here, for example, pens, lighters, or calendar to be presented with company logo. In the presentation can be further communicated and subsequently at the same time characterizes the name of the company by a better reward.

Wheels of Fortune with whistle meet at events, through its charming appearance, an important function. Because they are unique wheels of fortune, because they are attached to a supporting frame. They therefore differ from other traditional fortune wheels, hanging on a tripod, by several factors. The game disc is not going dissolved in an empty room, but she has a decorated background. On this background, the name or logo of the company is seen. Stylistic elements of the logo or writing can be incorporated into the shape of the frame. The company colors appear in each part of the game, so the rack and the wheel, again. With flashing LEDs, the conspicuousness of the game to be strengthened.

This design gets the action device has a uniform appearance, which is positive for the visitors. Experience shows that customers are impressed by a wheel of fortune with a twist, because it significantly differs from other modern Wheels of Fortune. Children are particularly excited about the fortune wheels and store them permanently into her memory. For these reasons, Wheels of Fortune with a kick is a good choice for various events.








































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